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National Security

Solutions to meet the complex requirements for National Defense, Homeland Security, and Intelligence Operations

Protecting the nation is our priority. At Napakiak Ventures, we tackle the most complex challenges that our dedicated government civilians, warfighters, and military personnel face worldwide. The Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security entrust our elite teams of IT and Cyber professionals, scientists, Intelligence, and Engineers to uphold its mission.

Our Current Customers


Our Capabilities

Agile DevSecOps

Napakiak Ventures supports customers with the delivery of DevSecOps to support the development of new systems, the operation of existing systems, and the migration of legacy systems to the cloud. We utilize technologies and tool suites that fully containerize microservices with independent and flexible technology stacks, fully automated testing, and au­tomated daily deployments to the production environment. Quality and security are built in and enforced by tools that perform static analysis, linting, and scans for security vulnerabilities and container security.



We incorporate cybersecurity throughout the lifecycle of networks, systems, and applications that we design, develop, operate, and maintain for our customers. We leverage authentication at the device, user, appli­cation, and service levels to align with industry best practices for Zero Trust Architectures and consider other cyber­security factors, such as access control, logging, data at rest and data in transit encryption, data protection through backup and disaster recovery, configuration management, patch management, and vulnerability management to ensure robust, resilient, and secure solutions.

IT Modernization

Napakiak Venture's parent company, PSI's IV&V work is foundational to the VA’s Electronic Health Record Modernization effort. Combining hundreds of legacy systems with the new EHR creates challenges which PSI’s decades of testing experience help navigate.

Database Design & Analytics

We analyzes our partners' data and guide them towards long-term solutions. We restructure data stores for better application performance, build data lakes to take stock of data, and build data warehouses to serve the BI tools.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Our teams implement the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases. MBSE supports the existing products and processes to add consistency, clarity, and connectedness to both. MBSE enhances the ability to capture, analyze, share, and manage the information associated with the complete specification of a product, resulting in many benefits.


Data Engineering

Napakiak Ventures offers its customers and partners a multitude of digital engineering solutions, enabling them to define requirements, build digital models of capabilities, and optimize solutions based on technological innovations.

Modeling & Simulation

We deploy live, virtual, and gaming‐based simulations. Our expertise is spread across local and wide area network‐distributed computing, providing dynamic environments containing over a million active entities. 

Our Cyber Innovation Lab

PSI designed a state of the art, 10,000 square foot hardware and software & cyber Innovation Lab just minutes outside AFSOC Headquarters. Our facility can be utilized to create and validate new processes, designs, technology enhancements and future innovations.

The Lab is designed to foster collaboration between teams to facilitate a DevSecOps process. It has been leveraged for execution of mobile devices, IT systems, and software development with an emphasis on security.

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